Find products that help you decrease the misophonia triggers in your life, as suggested by other misophones

Read reviews from other people with misophonia and what products they used to decrease the number or intensity of misophonia triggers. If you have used any of these write your own review for others to see!

When researching various products, such as ear plugs, headphones, noise machine, sound isolation and other products that can help us, misophonia sufferers, cope with the surrounding triggers,  we end up having to read reviews from the general population. However, our specific needs can only be addressed by those of us who know and live with our misophonia challenges, know what it feels like and if the products work for our specific misophone needs.

We need your help in building this site! If you have misophonia, please review the products below so that we can all benefit from your experience. If you have tried other tools for misophonia that are not listed here, please send us a message and we’ll add them. We need to see both those coping tools that have worked and those that have not, so that others will know what to do when comparing existing choices.

Any proceeds from the Amazon Affiliate Program for these products go towards the costs associated to keep the MisoMatch platform alive. You pay the regular price, no increase on your end. Yet another reason to purchase through the links below!
Let’s use the power of our MisoMatch community to spread the knowledge of helpful tools.

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