Echo Frames (2nd Gen)




These Echo Frames used for misophonia are Smart audio glasses that have been suggested as a coping aid. They can deliver music or white noise while leaving the ear canal open to surrounding sounds, enabling one to have conversations, hear children, be safe in traffic and reducing the risk of developing tinnitus or hyperacusis from prolonged earplug/earbud use. They are also completely unassuming as lots of people wear glasses! Plus, with Auto Volume they automatically adjust volume based on the noise level of your environment in real time.

The Echo Frames used for misophonia can be great as they include 4 micro speakers designed to direct sound toward your ears and minimize sound heard by those around you.



Echo Frames are lightweight and comfortable, including flexible hinges and optician adjustable temple tips. They are IPX4 splash-resistant for water and sweat and are available with polarized sunglass lenses with UV400 protection or blue light filtering lenses.


over 2 hours of talk time, Alexa interactions, and media playback over a 14-hour day. Or, up to 4 hours of nonstop listening on a full charge.


Make calls, listen to podcasts or Audible books, set reminders, add to your to-do lists, get the news, or control your smart home, all hands free. But the best part, mask misophonia trigger sounds with white or brown noise not heard by others!!!

Additional advantages:

Echo Frames are available in prescription ready frames, multitasking as vision and misophonia coping device in one.

You can choose to have Echo Frames automatically adjust the volume based on the noise level of your environment. While this feature might not work great when the surrounding volume changes fast all the time, for an office or home environment, this is still a great addition. One can manually adjust the volume as well.

They come in a variety of styles and colors! You can get them in sunglasses or with clear lenses. You can also take them to your optician and have them install your prescription lenses!

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