Having misophonia can mean that our lives end up being isolated. The isolation can be somewhat voluntary in that we seek places and times with fewer triggers. Sometimes the isolation is not by choice, it’s just simply that others are unwilling or unable to accommodate our need to cut out misophonia trigger sounds.

Having a supporting network is crucial for misophonia sufferers. If you cannot find those people in your immediate circle of family and friends or if you need  larger support network, you can find your people here on MisoMatch!

Surround yourself with people who also have misophonia and who understand you, help you and don’t judge.

Connect online, create local misophonia groups, see who is in your area to meet for a walk, a picnic or a coffee. Create your real life supportive misophonia community and positive friendships. Find roommates who also crave a low trigger environment and are willing to work to create an environment with fewer misophonia trigger sounds.

Use MisoFriend to create groups for specific universities or large corporations in order to find understanding friends with misophonia and advocate for the group as a cohesive unit for amenities or rules that the school administration or HR department can address.

Join our misophonia community, it’s free!!

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