I am an international nomad who has lived in Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Italy and United States. Currently in California, I have my own patent information consulting business. My first memories of misophonia triggers are from middle school, but it wasn’t until my late 30s that mishophonia started playing a more prominent role in my life. During the covid pandemic the disorder became a big focus, as I virtually lacked any quiet for months.

Being in online misophonia support groups on Facebook or Reddit is very helpful and it’s comforting to know that there are tens of thousands of people like us, struggling with misophonia triggers in much the same way around the globe. Both in my personal life and reading about others’ struggles, I realized that the most we feel understood is when we meet other people with the same condition. Facilitating the connection between people with misophonia in real life has been a light bulb moment for me, strengthened by every online post describing friends and spouses who don’t understand, judge, make fun of the condition and the way we feel about misophonia triggers. We all need at least one person in our life who truly understands. Join the MisoMatch platform and create your MisoTribe.