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The Flare Audio Calmer devices are specifically advertised as being useful as a misophonia product because they reduce noise levels in the 2-8 kHz frequency range.




The Flare Audio Calmer devices are specifically advertised as being useful as a misophonia product because they reduce noise levels.


A small hollow device worn in the ear made from soft-touch durable silicone. It fits comfortably inside the ear and is barely visible. They are different from regular earplugs in that they are not designed to block out all sound completely. The plugs have a curved silicone hollow-body with an exit that is designed to capture sound and ‘transmit’ it into your ear. They also have a silicone stem that ensures the Calmer silicone body stays securely in place. You also use that silicone stem for easy handling and fitting.

Manufacturer claims

Calmer was designed to reduce irritating resonances in the sound (specifically in the 2-8 kHz frequency range) that covers eating noises. It is also supposed to remove distortion that would usually trigger the human ‘fight or flight’ response. The Flare Calmer devise is also supposed to reduce noise related stress from sounds like mobile phone alerts, sudden shrieks, dogs barking or when travelling/commuting.


The Flare misophonia product also comes in a white version and a mini version. They also have a Focus Sound version that is supposed to reduce background noise. In addition, there is a night option and a mini night option.

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10 reviews for Flare Audio Calmer

  1. Hayden

    I have them, they don’t do anything at all. Not comfortable in the ear, hard to get them to sit right and it took over 6 weeks to turn up as well.

  2. Soledad Betancur

    Soledad Betancur

    Son cómodos y fáciles de usar y de limpiar. Siento menos vibraciones en ciertos niveles de sonidos, sobre todo medios-bajos, pero el cambio es poco significativo y no es efectivo para la hiperacúsia.

  3. Janelle

    My husband and I purchased these, me for Misophonia and him for Tinnitus. While they have a muffling effect on certain noises, they are by no means an effective coping tool. I wish I could say otherwise. I felt that cotton in my ears would have done the same thing, and would have been a lot more comfortable.

  4. Nathalie Lefrancois

    I bought them for misophonia, but I was extremely disappointed. Very uncomfortable, they weren’t effective at all at blocking sounds. The regular ear plugs that you find in drugstore works better ! They went in the garbage.

  5. Ana

    I bought these to help with my misophonia and sound sensitivity in general. They are amazing. While they obviously don’t stop me from hearing repetitive noises that trigger my misophonia, they soften them which allows me to remain more calm when I’m being triggered. They also greatly reduce or eliminate electronic noises and crowd noises.
    I initially bought the minis because I was told all my life I had tiny ears, but they ended up being to small. I contacted the company to ask about an exchange and to save me from having to ship them back overseas, they just gave me store credit so I could purchase the regular ones which came a lot quicker than the first ones I ordered. The wait time is to be expected because they are coming from Europe. I wasn’t bothered by that.
    Overall, great product and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  6. Lauren Cutler

    Lauren Cutler

    I bought these for my misophonia. They take a while to get used to, they can be really uncomfortable if inserted wrong but it isn’t noticeable once in the correct position. They don’t block out sound, including trigger sounds, but they take the edge off of them so that they aren’t as triggering. I find that they help the most with quieter mouth sounds, but I’m still bothered by crunching with these in. They aren’t a miracle cure, but I reach for them a lot when I know I’ll be in a situation that triggers me. It should be noted though that they aren’t as effective when they aren’t inserted correctly. My initial attempts at wearing these I tried to push them in as far as I could to ensure they wouldn’t fall out but this isn’t necessary, and they won’t work as well if you do this. They only need to be pushed in slightly.
    I also got the clear ones, they are only noticeable to others if they specifically look for them/ I point it out.

  7. Chelsea walsh

    Overall – fail.

    Still heard people chewing. Noise was cancelled slightly but they have a hole in them… not for me 🙁 back to plugs that aren’t discreet.

  8. Theo Darling

    Theo Darling

    After my ears acclimated, Calmer had a significant impact on the sounds my house makes (refrigerator, heater, etc). They essentially *eliminated* the rumbling from my washing machine. These sounds do bother me sometimes but I haven’t tried Calmer yet with my main trigger (traffic noise) because I think they’d be too subtle for me at this point — I’m keeping them with the intention of trying them again in the future, if I am able to reduce my sensitivity to traffic first.

  9. Jerri

    Did not help with my misophonia at all! I do not recommend them.

  10. Denise

    I had high hopes. They did nothing at all for me. Save your money for something else.

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