Loop Quiet Noise Reduction Earplugs

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Soft, Reusable Hearing Protection in Flexible Silicone + 6 Ear Tips in S, M & L – 25dB Noise Cancellation 

For Sleep and Noise Sensitivity, such as misophonia




Loop Earplugs for Misophonia have been suggested because of their comfort and trigger noise dampening abilities!


The earplugs can reduce up to 25dB of noise to help you sleep more soundly at night. Fall deeper into your meditation or focus without fail while you’re working!


No need to keep repurchasing a new pair. You can wash the Loop earplugs safely and use them again and again for many years – one-time purchase, value for money.


Loop noise reducing earplugs come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large – depending on what fits you best. The rounded shape of the tips will fit naturally in your ear or pinna.


Made of an extra-soft silicone material, you will hardly feel anything in your ear while wearing these sleep earplugs, No discomfort or pain, just undisturbed peace and quiet.


These silicone earplugs won’t stick out even as you sleep. You can toss and turn or sleep on either side without worrying or finding in the morning that one piece has fallen out.

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8 reviews for Loop Quiet Noise Reduction Earplugs

  1. Corri

    I suffer from misophonia since childhood and I watched a movie last night with these in and didn’t hear any sniffling from my son who has allergies!

  2. Maea

    Personally I found that they blocked out the same amount of noise as the £2 ones from boots. However, they were much more comfortable and don’t go far into the ear which reduces the risk of infection and irritation. It blocked out eating noises and background noise while I could also hear people talking.

  3. Victoria Davis

    I’ve only had my quiet loops for a day but im really enjoying the peacefulness they bring me. They are SOOOO soft and squishy it dosent hurt my ear cartilage like other ear buds, even after sleeping all night and wearing them all morning.
    I’d previously used construction headphones which are super awkward and not comfy at all so I’m feeling pretty happy 😊 I’d actually like to get their other kinds for going out and about so I can hear but have the background lightly muffled.

  4. Anna

    MISOPHONIA LIFE SAVER. I lovvvve these so much. They attach to a tiny keyring on my wallet and go everywhere with me. Anywhere I am I can pop these in and have -25 decibels. It makes the misophonia moment a lot less severe.

  5. Katrina Hooper

    I know we all suffer on different areas of the misophonia spectrum, but I’ve had my Loops for a few months, and they do very little to block out the noises that trigger most of us, chewing, clearing throats, Leaf blowers, forks scratching on plates, repetitive noises. I’ll wear them around family so they have a visual reminder to mind their noises as they are comfortable. And most family & friends forget about my miso until after they trigger me. So the visual aid is helpful. However if you wear the optional pads to block out most of the noise, you will hear your inside head noises much louder, especially chewing. Like having your ears plugged after a flight. Sometimes I can hear my own heartbeat. I’ll keep wearing earbuds piped over w soft music.

  6. Danielle Sherman

    Danielle Sherman

    They’re better than nothing if you’re in a situation with a trigger sound and you can’t get away from it, but they really don’t do all that much. I’d say have them in your arsenal but don’t count on them making a huge difference.
    (for comparison, my biggest triggers at the moment are open mouth chewing, frequent throat clearing, frequent coughing or sniffling, snorting, and a particularly creaky printer)

  7. Kaji

    It’s probably important to include in the review what kind of Loops you’re using with which accessories. I use the Experience version with foam mutes. I find they help make eating out and chatty people at the office far more tolerable. They help with a lot of obnoxious chewing noises, as long as I’m not looking at the source of the sound.

    • Andrea Davis

      Andrea Davis

      Great point!! Thanks for your input, very helpful.

  8. Emma

    I have both the Experience Pro loops and the Quiet ones, and while I can concur with a lot of the reviews that it’s not earth-shatteringly life-changing, it’s small quality of life upgrades like this that do help things feel a bit more manageable. Even just having the control to dampen the sounds around you can be really nice in aural-triggering environments.

    I found the Quiet ones are more comfortable when it comes to places like grocery stores/shops/out with friends since I can still hear people talking to me, but it definitely only mutes things to background noise. Sometimes it’s enough just to take the edge off, but it can still be overwhelming. I’d probably wear these if I had a job that had to do with speaking with people though!

    The Experience Pro loops are much better at muting things down (theme parks, noisy venues, malls, etc), but I found I can have a hard time understanding what someone’s saying at times. I generally use these when I’m out alone and know I don’t have to talk to people, or when my partner is nice enough to just hand them to me when they notice I’m getting overstimulated!

    I think the worst part about them, unfortunately, is that they HIGHLY magnify whatever noises you’re making (much like plugging your ears). With both of them, though it’s worse with the Experience Pro’s, the sound of chewing and swallowing is so magnified I had to rip them out of my ears the first time I tried to eat while wearing them. It’s unfortunate, since it kind of mitigates wearing them in restaurants for a portion of the time, which is kind of the whole point of getting them for those of us on this site.

    Overall, I think for the price, subtlety, convenience, and comfortability, it doesn’t hurt to have them- especially if you need them for an environment where you still need to hear people talk to you. As I said, don’t expect anything extreme, but the bit of control can really help in a pinch.

    • Andrea Davis

      Andrea Davis

      Thank you so much for your review, Emma! It’s great to know that they are helpful in specific situation and likely to be avoided during our own eating activities.

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