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i’m 23 and i’ve been struggling with misophonia since i was very little. i’m eager to find people i can relate to!
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Vera V
IG: veravlas_
John "The Smooter" Smoot
I'm just a guy with Misophonia and I'm here to talk about it.
Aliisa Pääkkönen
I've had misophonia since 2015. It would be lovely to get to know someone who deals with the same type of issues as I do! Feel free to DM me on ig or message me here
Katyushka Mirth
Mum of 8 year old girl with Misophonia.I am her main trigger🥴. My 3 year old has similar reactions🤷🏻‍♀️.Happy to meet other sufferers and learn more.Mum at home. Christian🙏🏻.
Soledad Betancur
Soy historiadora y fotógrafa aficionada. He tenido misofonía e hiperacúsia desde edad temprana. Nací y vivo en la ciudad de Medellín.
Jenny Smit
Hi, I'm Jenny, 51 years young. My home is in the Netherlands where I live in a town in the northern part of Holland.
Alejandra Rodríguez
Soy estudiante de medicina, tengo 20 años y tengo misofonia desde los 8 años. Hace poco descubrí que era y es difícil hablar de esto con alguien ya que no lo toman como algo serio
Ann Marie Devi
Passionate about yoga & a mom seeking healing for my son's Misophonia and Pans/Pandas. Watching and living with him in his journey has led my desire to help other Miso children.
Malorie F.
Hi I'm 18 and I live in Switzerland 😊 I've been suffering from misophonia since I was ~9 years old.
Lori LuvDio
I have been living with miso most of my life. It's hard being known as a "nice person" by everyone, but feeling like I'm awful because of my miso driven thoughts!
I’ve been struggling with severe misophonia and misokinesia since 2011. Feel free to message me!
Stephanie B.
I’ve had misophonia since I was at least 9 years old. Looking to connect with others who know and understand the day-to-day struggle.
Lau B
I've been struggling with miso since early childhood without knowing what it was and it's been a struggle throughout my life to find friends who could relate.
Timothy Wunrow
21 years of age, musician, cyclist, engineering student, misophone, Christian
Kahlie Hill
Hi! I'm Kahlie and I am 22 years old. I've had misophonia for a little over 10 years now and I am so excited about this new platform for misophoniacs. Much love!!
Crystal Payne
I've had misophonia since childhood. It has worsened with each passing year. There are days I struggle to get out of bed knowing I have a day full of triggers to face.
Adeel Ahmad
Host of the Misophonia Podcast
Andrea Davis
Founder of Miso Match, connecting Misophonia sufferers to create friendships and local groups, as well as MisoTech, a central place for reviewing products by misophones only.