Dear, Misophonia. You Make Me Sick: A Short Poem


Guest contributor Emily Steinbach is a crisis volunteer at 988, and a bachelor’s student of psychology at CUNY University. She obtained online certificates from Harvard and Yale University and is the owner and founder of ™ Mental Well Health. Emily is studying to become a clinical therapist and is looking to take clients in the future. She is also a proud advocate for anti-bullying and for those who struggle with disabilities.


Poem by Emily Steinbach 


Dear Misophonia,

You make me feel sick.

In the worst way possible,

Oh, how you’ve changed me.

You’ve brought out rage I never knew possible,

You sink your teeth in my skin,

You fuel my innermost rage,

Deep, deep within.

The mundane sound of everyday life is remarkable;

I found the strength to rise,

Yet, you’ve made me fall again;

I now find beauty in the silence,

It was never like this, then.

Dear Misophonia,

Should we make amends?

I’m tired of the pain you caused me,

I want this all to end.

It’s been a long time battle,

I hope we can be friends,

Maybe one day I’ll accept you,

But for now, we’ll just pretend.


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